Matthew Gage · May 4, 2016

Atelier and overriding

I'm used to using Class/Refactor/Override in Studio to override methods, properties, xData blocks, etc regularly.

I can't see how to replicate that in Atelier at the m moment. Is this possible ? 

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I don't think this is currently possible in Atelier. (I was looking for the same feature yesterday and couldn't find it.)

Using Eclipse as a Java editor, the override menu option is Source -> Override/Implement Methods...; presumably, the equivalent feature in Atelier would be in the same place, but there's nothing like that in the "Source" menu.

Refactoring support will be provided in the 1.1 release of Atelier. Plans are to fully leverage Eclipses Rich Client Platform to provide those features referred to above as well as exploit additional features such as 'code-hints'