· Feb 8, 2016

Atelier and complicated projects

Most of projects on Caché, obviously, written not only in Cache ObjectScript, and should contain sources in other languages. Such as js or css for web-projects or any others. And it would be pretty good, if I could see all of files in one project, and possible to edit all of them. How to be in this case ?

And I think it is not a good idea, to place all project's sources in one root folder. Our project contains over 3 thousands classes and routines, and it is too difficult to find anything in such folder. Is not a good for it to use Java-way, and place every package in subfolder ?

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We recognize the need to let you organize your whole source tree as you like within your project.

For example if you are a web developer, this would include all your HTML and JS files etc, etc. Unlike Studio where files in CSP directories needed to be manually copied to the server we will be providing the facility within Atelier to do this. 

When creating files in your project you are free to lay them out in what ever structure you want.

When copying or importing files to the project will will provide options for reasonable defaults, a flat structure in a specified root directory, a structure according to package and also a scriptable custom facility which lets you determine exactly where a file should go and how it should be named according to directory, filename and type.

These features are currently under development.