· Apr 8, 2020

Are you a seasoned Caché or IRIS Systems Administrator? We need you!

Hello, everyone, 

InterSystems Certification has designed another certification exam and we need input from our community to help to validate its topics.  Here's your chance to have your say in what makes an expert in system administration with InterSystems Caché or IRIS. And, yes, we'd like to hear from you Caché admins!

Here's the exam title and the definition:

InterSystems IRIS System Administration Expert

An IT Professional who:

  • designs, installs, and maintains complex InterSystems IRIS environments, and
  • ensures data security, integrity, and availability. 

So, how can you help? If you have 20-45 minutes to fill out a task survey, you can help us rate each exam topic based on your experience. 

Interested? Please contact the Certification Team at

Thank you!

Jamie Kantor, Certification Manager, InterSystems

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Hi, again!

We already have people signing up for the survey - this is great! We'll get back to you on Monday as we are assembling the list now. Everyone will hear from us personally. 

Again - the community's input to our exam designs ensures that we offer the best, most valid and most fair exam we can. This helps everyone involved. 

Best, Jamie