· Apr 3, 2017

Are there notifications for when an SDA is modified?

Hi. What notifications are available, if any, when any part of an SDA has been modified (inserted, updated, deleted, etc...)?

Thanks in advance.

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There are in fact a number of ways to look at this.

At a very simple level the patient record itself should be considered a virtual record that is aggregated on-demand from all sources. However, do not think that notifications are impossible as the Information Exchange provides rich functionality to notify systems and people.

When any information comes into the exchange ultimately it is turned into SDA. At that point there is rich functionality to notify based upon what it is. There are 3 levels to this. First there is a topic filter that allows you to filter on the key information in the message (such as what the trigger for the message was, an admission or transfer perhaps). The next is a detail filter that allows you to further notify based on any part of the incoming SDA. So if you want to trigger on receiving SDA with the value of XYZ in some field, then you can. The final element is in conjunction with Health Insight to look at the current state of the patient. So if you wanted to notify if a lab result has abnormal values relative to the 'normal' for this patient, then you can!

Once a trigger is made the notification itself can be pretty much anything. It could for instance be a transformation of the incoming message to a PDF and emailed to a particular clinician, or it could be a transformation of the entire patient record into say a C-CDA and then sent for ingestion into another system the care providers use. The world is pretty much your oyster here!