· Nov 21, 2016

[Answered] What are Healthshare AP and Healthshare Personal Community?

In the WRC distributions download page, the following products are listed:

  • HealthShare
  • HealthShare AP
  • HealthShare Personal Community
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Hi Scott,

First, you may want to take a look at our website to see a list of components in the HealthShare Product Family.  It doesn't say what the different kits provide, but it does describe the different HealthShare Products.

The HealthShare Kit will allow customer to install the following HealthShare Products:

  - Information Exchange,

  - Health Insight,

  - Patient Index (Linkage Engine),

  - Clinical Viewer, and 

  - Ensemble Core Components and HS classes and Packages for Health Connect

The HealthShare AP kit is a development platform available to InterSystems Application Partners for use in their own product development.  In the future, we may allow customers to us this kit to install the Health Connect Product, but I think we still require Health Connect customers to install the HealthShare kit.  

The HealthShare Personal Community kit will allow customers to install the HealthShare Personal Community product.  By design, Personal Community must not be installed on the same instance of HealthShare as Information Exchange, so we created a separate kit to prevent confusion during installation.  

I hope this helps.  


What are the actual differences in AP version and standard installation kits if a customer is only licensed for Health Connect portion of it? If there are differences then there should be a separate standard install kit which excludes Patient Index, Active Analytics, and Clinical viewer. Otherwise, what's stopping Health Connect customer from using AP install kit? From what we experience AP version is released earlier than standard.