Hari Tanguturi · Jun 9, 2022

ADO.NET component InterSystems.Data.IRISClient is not closing the connections even after calling Close() method.

Good Morning SMEs,


I am a .NET developer and new to using this IRIS Component. We are using InterSystems.Data.Clients ADO.NET component to connection to IRIS, I am able to open the connection but when i called Close, ADO.NET code showing connection is closed state in .NET code but in IRIS side it showing as connection is still open. The will close only after recycling apppool or closing IISExpress/calling application


Here are the steps I used to open the IRIS connection.

IRISADOConnection conn = new IRISADOConnection(connString);
IRISReference pError = new IRISReference("");

// create IRIS Native object
IRIS iris = IRIS.CreateIRIS(conn);

string returnValue = iris.ClassMethodString(className, methodName, xml, pError, 1);



Even after executing the Close methods, connections are not closing. We are using InterSystems.Data.Clients ADO.NET component.


Could anyone please help me what was the wrong in this code. 

Whenever I open a connection, it is opening a TCP connection to IRIS Server and with IRIS/Cache server it is showing open connection from the server/machine it came from.

I really appreciate help on this as we are seeing issue in prod for the connections opened from .NET web applications.



Hari Tanguturi

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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  • Pooling — Defaults to true. Set Pooling to false to create a connection with no connection pooling.

Set this to false and should resolve your issue.