Rochdi Badis · Jun 24, 2021

Adjust tablepane rows

Hi Guys,


for some reason the height in my tablepane are very big, how can I adjust the height in the rows in a tablepane?



Product version: Caché 2014.1
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I'd recommend using browser developer tools to inspect the CSS and see what's causing it - I wouldn't expect the rows to be particularly tall, but there could be stray CSS from somewhere else that is making them so. See docs on using Chrome's developer tools (for example - but they're all similar these days) here:

actually when I ran my app in Chrome the rows are fine !?

when I run my page in IE one my tablepanes is good but the second has tall rows but running it in chrome both are good, so why not in IE and only for the second one?


Weird! Try the developer tools in IE to see if you can spot the issue there.


I can see that what's making the row taller is the 20em as attached but I don't have that style in my form, so not sure where is it coming from?

Hi @Rochdi Badis 

May be you can over ride the settings. 

You could assign a common class or a common id for it and adding a constant height and width on the CSS page of your project. 

That would be the most easiest and time saving task to be done. 

I hope it is useful and you got your doubt clarified.