yoav Sivan · May 16, 2018

Access Managment

I am managing a very large logistic's software company utilizing Cache as the main infrastructure.

I have many customers around the world and I need to upgrade the authentication process add 2 factor authentication, access management, captcha etc.

Does anyone have experience with this ? are there any suggested external software that can be integrated with our infrastructure ?

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Hi Yoav

What I would look at is creating a Caché class method that does most of the work

In %SYS you can do things like

List all Users

&sql(declare c1 cursor for
select ID into :xID from Security.Users

And to open the user object

set oUser=##class(Security.Users).%OpenId(<the_id>)
And then the properties you need to update for two factor are oUser.PhoneProvider and oUser.PhoneNumber

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Access management would be by roles - again this is available from oUser.Roles
and the related class is Security.Roles

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Don't know about Captcha - but this would be client side - not serer side

Hope this helps

Hi Yoav

Re Captcha etc

This folds into something that I am looking at for another client

Check out

Essentially you need to change the client web page and the server (what are you using? ZEN/CSP or what) to call into an api to check what the user has entered

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But there are other alternatives - Google "better than Captcha"