· Oct 21, 2015 1m read

Accelerating Clinical Trials Through Shared Access to Patient Records

Improved Access to Clinical Data Across Hospitals and Systems Helps Pharmaceutical Companies Reduce Delays and the Costs Associated With Bringing New Treatments to Market

Executive Summary

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry has a strategic imperative to accelerate clinical research in order to reduce overall R&D costs while delivering innovative treatments.1 Yet virtually all pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract research organizations (CROs) recognize that the limited quantity and quality of available patient data are fundamental problems that have led to escalating costs and delays in clinical trials for new drugs and treatments.

The underlying problem is accessing and sharing connected, comprehensive, and credible patient records across hospitals, healthcare organizations, communities, and countries.

The answer is to provide the clinical trials ecosystem with a foundational health informatics platform and complementary solutions that enable researchers to access and use clinical data from hospitals and other healthcare providers. With such a solution in place, clinical researchers can more quickly evaluate protocol feasibility, identify and recruit viable patient candidates for trials, track patients enrolled in clinical trials, and conduct efficient, accurate health surveillance and observational studies once a drug or treatment is on the market.

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