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Why $ZF(-1) not workers in Windows 10 ? Is there Any reason for that ?

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Why are you so sure in that ?

Any examples of code, and application, which you want to call.

Looks like you want to start something like notepad or so on, which you expected to see. You just can't see what was launched because it is interactive application, but with $zf(-1) you you should use only command-line applications, just because it is server. And such behavior exists since Windows Vista. As I remember you can change it, you just should allow to interact with desktop, in the settings for Caché service.

Just tried command s x=$zf(-1,"dir > tkfdir.txt") in Cache 2016.2 on Windows 10 (installed with all defaults) and it worked fine. The process created a text file in Windows with the current directory information.

Let us know what you're trying to do.

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