Oliver Wilms · Apr 24, 2019

80 bytes wrapped X12 files

Hello, our X12 File Service won't process files we encountered X12 files where they inserted CR LF after 80 bytes repeatedly in the middle of segments. X12 Parser does not seem to like it. I see there is a Whitespace property in Adapter. I am not sure if it ignores white space in the middle of a segment. I also heard about TolerateNewLine setting but I believe this also does not tolerate New Lines in the middle of a segment. We will probably have to read the file, strip out any CR and LF, write to a new file that the X12 file service can process. If there is a better solution I would like to find out about it. Thanks

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Hopefully they will tell the provider of the files to NOT send files that way and we do not need to come up with a work-around.