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2016.2 Field Test Kit 2016.2.0.677.0

I am pleased to announce the next 2016.2 field test kit, 2016.2.0.677.0.

I haven’t sent an update to this thread in a while and it should come as no surprise that there has been quite a lot of development going on since I wrote about build 632.  In fact, there have been almost 300 changes covering most areas of the product.

The accumulated list of fixes to problems found in the field since build 632 includes the following changes:

  • CDS2713: Access violation dump files produced
  • CDS2714: Correct I/O translation of variable length records
  • DLP3551: Dynamic Objects - refactor %ToAbstractObject and related methods in %RegisteredObject, call from $compose()
  • DTB405: Make dashboard widget's Print Settings more consistent
  • DTB407: Add word wrapping for line breaks in generated SVG text boxes
  • DTB421: Only set font-style and font-family if they are non-null for SVG filter Title
  • GSM167: AsSystemError documentation should have the error processing code inside of the CATCH block
  • MAK4568: With MAK3943 $$EXIST^%R("rtn") always returns 0 with wildcard in routine spec
  • SML2282 Avoid getting < PROTECT > error when $SYSTEM.Mirror.MirrorNameToIndex() is called.
  • WAL266: Force Execution of Query Parameters Even in Case of %PrepareKey
  • WAL278: Fix PDF Printing For Empty KPI-Based Widget

Please download the kit and give it a try; the latest field test of 2016.2 is available HERE.  And, as always, we welcome your feedback.

Steve Glassman, Director of QD

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