· Mar 4, 2016 1m read

2016.2 Field Test Kit 2016.2.0.605.0

I am pleased to announce the next 2016.2 field test kit, 2016.2.0.605.0.

There are about a hundred changes from the previous field test kit, including the following fixes to problems found by those using the kits in the field:

  • DLP3516, which fixes a problem in the Demo.Document.Data.Loader class
  • RJW2416, which fixes a problem with the telnet client disconnecting on Windows

One additional change of note: in this kit we have changed the on-disk format for DOCUMENT data.  If you want to preserve your data from an older instance and make it available in this version you should export the data from that older instance and import it into the new.  This is the method that you should always be using during the field test because, as you know, we do not support upgrades from one field test kit to another.

Please download the kit and give it a try; the latest field test of 2016.2 is available HERE.  And, as always, we welcome your feedback.

Steve Glassman, Director of QD

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