· Feb 19, 2016 1m read

2016.2 Field Test Kit 2016.2.0.595.0

I am pleased to announce the next 2016.2 field test kit, 2016.2.0.595.0.

It may look like a slow week, with less than fifty changes having been checked in, but this kit includes the following fixes to problems found by you, the ones running the kits in the field:

  • ALE2845, which fixes the cachejdbc.jar version
  • JN1637, which fixes an issue that blocked debugging Atelier when used in conjunction with Kerberos
  • DLP3508, which fixes a JSON issue with $compose()

The rest of the fixes have been spread among different areas of the product, chief among them DOCUMENT Data Model, SQL and Atelier.

Please download the kit and give it a try; the latest field test of 2016.2 is available HERE.  And, as always, we welcome your feedback.

Steve Glassman, Director of QD

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