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Thanks @Eduard Lebedyuk for your reply and example.

We have checked and your example does convert the "<" to "%lt;" .

However when at our integration we have followed your suggestions:


So then the LOG SOAP shows:

[...]<PAC_PROBLEMAS>46807#278.01#OBESIDAD INFANTIL GRAVE     ( Z-SCORE IMC &gt;2,70 )#19/09/2019##N#S</PAC_PROBLEMAS>[...]

However when the Visual Trace shows this content, it spawns a CDATA which we do not understand how to remove:

<s01:PAC_PROBLEMAS><![CDATA[46807#278.01#OBESIDAD INFANTIL GRAVE     ( Z-SCORE IMC >2,70 )#19/09/2019##N#S]]>

Is there any configuration, parameter, property or addon which we could employ inside the Web Service Client, the SOAP Operation, the Ens.Response Message, or the inner Data Structures where we could express that we need to erase <![CDATA[]]>?

How could we achieve this?

Thanks for your time, help and support. We are grateful for your reply.

Thanks @Jeffrey Drumm thank you so much, Jeffrey Drumm, for your prompt and precise solution! Your explanation is thorough and greatly appreciated. Your time, assistance, and support mean a lot. The clarification about using the '*' shorthand and the correction regarding Document.DocTypeName versus Document.Name were particularly helpful. Thanks again for your invaluable contribution!

It worked as expected!

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