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You can use pdfbox which is already used by ZEN for some pdf conversions. To make a pdf require a password, just run this command with $ZF(-100):
java -cp /opt/cachesys/fop/lib/pdfbox-app-1_7_1.jar org.apache.pdfbox.Encrypt -U 12345 /arquivos/file.pdf

Hello Guilherme

I have already done something like this yes. To work it is necessary to place a select that returns only 1 result in the <report> tag. And in my case I also needed to place a <group> below the <group> where the CreateResultSet is. Stays like this:

XData ReportDefinition [ XMLNamespace = "]
<report xmlns=""rReport" sql="Select TOP 1 ID FROM anytable">
<group name="gTest1" OnCreateResultSet="CreateRS1">
     <group name="gTest1A">
        <attribute name="name"  field='name'/>
 <group name="gTest2" OnCreateResultSet="CreateRS2">
     <group name="gTest2B">
        <attribute name="name"  field='name'/>

Hello Maik

Perhaps using the command "zenSynchronousMode = 1" will solve your problem. It tells ZEN to call the methods synchronously, so it will only call your method when refreshTable () is finished. Stays like this:

zenSynchronousMode 1;
= 0; //returns to the original value


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