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Caché will refuse a connection if all licenses are used.  You should see a message in the cconsole.log file like this:

06/16/20-14:16:19:849 (9860) 2 License limit exceeded 1 times since instance start.

You may be also experiencing network problems. You should check this with your network administrator.

Hope this helps!

Hi Cristiano,

With some small changes, your code works for me:

Your comments on how to test should read:

/// Do TestDigest^HC.Debug("postman", "password", "/digest-auth", "", 80)
/// Do TestDigest^HC.Debug("usuario", "senha", "/digest-auth/auth/usuario/senha/MD5", "", 80)

Change the line:

Set cnonce = $$HashValue($Horolog,1)


Set cnonce = $$HashValue(+$Horolog)

After this line:

Set digestResponse = $Replace(digestResponse, "*", cnonce, 1, 1)

Add the following code:

// Opaque
Set opaque = $$GetHeaderVar(authenticationData, "opaque")
If opaque '= ""
Set digestResponse = digestResponse _ ",opaque=""" _ opaque _ """"

Hope this helps!

You may also do:

SELECT DATEADD('hh', DATEDIFF('hh', GETUTCDATE(), NOW()), CreationTime) FROM Table

This way datediff will calculate the difference from your timezone to UTC and use it.

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