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Older professionals can confirm it, but this operation ordering premise is older than the InterSystems product. It comes from the origin of MUMPS. So I don't think it's something InterSystems can or should change.

When I discovered this feature of language, I decided that all my codes involving numerical calculations should always be formatted with "(", determining precedence, even if precedence is natural to language. And I do it that way regardless of language.

For example, in COS this calculation would be natural:

Write !,10 + 10 * 10
USER> 200

But I would always code like this:

Write !,( 10 + 10 ) * 10
USER> 200

This way the code will be readable even for "Non MUMPS" coders, and this piece of code could even be migrated to other languages without problems.

Yone, hello.

I imagine a lot of scenarios regarding your problem, but I'm missing some details, so I ask?

- You can only send messages within the period informed, but collect/prepare messages throughout the day, more or less like this: [SOAP inbound] (24/7) -> [BPL] (24/7) -> [ SOAP Operation] [4am to 8am, daily]?

- Your problems with mirror servers are because they must be in different timezones and the schedule doesn't mirror each server's local time.

I will base my premise on the above conditions, if not, please skip the next few lines.

Try to split the operation into two separate processes:
- A process to collect and store the original messages in a temporary table.
[SOAP inbound] (24/7) -> [BPL] (24/7) [to write temporary table]

- Another process which will be a 24/7 ensemble service but which only triggers messages based on a time analysis in UTC format and not local time.
[InboundAdapter] (24/7) -> [BPL] (24/7) -> [ analyzes the condition relating to 4am to 8am UTC and sends messages to ] -> [SOAP Operation] (24/7)

Hope this helps.

Another think.
Did you see ( or analyse ) the result of SQLCODE of the query?

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