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Talking about this example:

Class MyClass
 Parameter name = "Mario";

 Property nameProp As %String;

 ClassMethod SayHiPy() [Languague = Python] {
    this.nameProp = "Luigi"
    print("hi ")
    // call SayHiCOS() here
 ClassMethod SayHiCOS() {
    s ..nameProp = "Luigi"
    w "Bye "_..#name

I'd like to make the python method SayHiPy() equal to SayHiCOS() but:

1) when i call self.nameProp I get an Undefined on "self".

2) how can i get the class Parameter's value?

3) how can i call Objectscript methods in the same class from within the Python one, like calling SayHiCOS from SayHiPy?

Thank you

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