Hello Daniel,

Here in Brazil I am working with some APs and customers about the same issue. During some conversations on internal mail lists I got those inputs:

1) The first recommendation in the chain is Zen Mojo if they want to use our offering. If they have web developers they should consider HTML development with JS frameworks like AngularJS, React and connect via JSON over REST.

2) The bigger the application, the better a framework that suits more complex needs. You can build more complex systems with Zen Mojo, but after you hit a certain level of complexity it is better to leverage a less simplistic framework, like Angular or React. In general: If the customer or AP is able to build up and maintain knowledge in Angular or React, they should choose that path. If they are a Caché shop that wants to do web development, but can’t dedicate resources to it, they should choose Zen Mojo.

3) If the customer or AP decision is to use the ZEN Mojo, they can use use multiple templates for desktop applications. Multiple templates has some disadivantages.

4) We have already customers who have built complex desktop applications with Zen Mojo. Both used a generator approach, because that is what they used in their previous generation of their front-end. The Plugin Documentation is an example of a small desktop application.

5) There is some nice content related to global summit 2016 wich uses some Angular examples 

6) In general we release every 2.5 months.


I have been discussing with those AP and customers the advantages and disadivantages and also demonstrating to them in pratice how both works. The final decission should be the AP or customer decisions according to their team, busineess and strategy.

I hope it helps.