· Apr 8, 2022 1m read

Why another money app for Globals Contest?

I wanted to join the InterSystems Globals contest. I have worked with InterSystems globals more than twenty years and I consider myself an expert. I developed another money app for globals contest because I needed it. What I had created previously was not really that useful for me. 

I still miss the features of Microsoft Money. I wanted to be able to get a report of transactions based on some criteria like how much did I spend on Groceries in March. 

I still use Excel spreadsheets to keep track of my financial transactions. I imported data from CSV file into global nodes with one node per cell in Excel where row 123 column B would go into ^GLOBAL(123,2). 

Then I still wanted to be able to run SQL query so I mapped the global to a persistent class. I learned how to map individual nodes per row ID instead of having one node per data row. 

I created a CSP page where I display a table of transactions and I can filter by dates and category. And then I wanted to see monthly reports of my income and expenses per category. And finally an overview of all the months... I have accomplished all this in the app created during this contest. I still like to adjust the formatting of numbers displayed. And sort the rows in the table. Maybe a use case for Embedded Python? I will try that next and hopefully I can report on it in the next article.

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