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Using SQL (Apache Hive) into Hadoop Big Data Repositories

Hi Community,

The InterSystems IRIS has a good connector to do Hadoop using Spark. But the market offers other excellent alternative to Big Data Hadoop access, the Apache Hive. See the differences:

Hive vs. Spark

I created a PEX interoperability service to allows you use Apache Hive inside your InterSystems IRIS apps. To try it follow these steps:

1. Do a git clone to the iris-hive-adapter project:

$ git clone

2. Open the terminal in this directory and run:

$ docker-compose build

3. Run the IRIS container with your project:

$ docker-compose up

4. Open the Hive Production of the project (to execute a hello sample): http://localhost:52773/csp/irisapp/EnsPortal.ProductionConfig.zen?PRODUCTION=dc.irishiveadapter.HiveProduction

5. Click Start to run to production

6. Now we will test the App!

7. Run your REST Client app (like Postman) the following URLs and command in the body (using POST verb):

7.1 To create a new table in the Big Data: POST http://localhost:9980/?Type=DDL. In the BODY: CREATE TABLE helloworld (message String)

7.2 To insert in the table: POST http://localhost:9980/?Type=DDL. In the BODY: INSERT INTO helloworld VALUES ("hello")

7.3 To get the result list from the table: POST http://localhost:9980/?Type=DML. In the BODY: SELECT * FROM helloworld (P.S.: Type is DML here)

Now you have 2 options to use Big Data into IRIS: Hive or Spark. Enjoy!!

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