Anastasia Dyubaylo · Sep 28, 2017

Two new videos of the week: InterSystems Cloud Manager

Hi, Community! 

This week we have two videos. Check all new videos on InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel:

1. What is InterSystems Cloud Manager?


This video provides an introduction to InterSystems Cloud Manager (ICM) and its capabilities.

2. Instant Gratification: Pick Your Cloud

In this video learn, how to quickly define and create a cloud infrastructure on the top three cloud IaaS providers. You can provision a cloud application within any one of those environments. The approach is to use containers and InterSystems new IPD tool with a DevOps approach to define, create, and provision an application. See additional resources to this video here.

You can also read this article about InterSystems Cloud Manager.

What's new on InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel? We have created two dedicated playlists: 

Enjoy and stay tuned! smiley

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