Anastasia Dyubaylo · Nov 2, 2017

Two New Videos about Atelier

Hi, Community! 

This week we have two videos. Check all new  session recordings from Global Summit 2017:

1. Atelier and Automated Private Instances


You can learn how to automatically configure a customized development environment. This video shows:

  • how to demonstrate creating a private development environment from source control;
  • how changes can be automatically pushed downstream to build and test environments;
  • the use of open source Git hooks, %Installer, and Atelier, with Jenkins and automated Unit Tests.


If you want to become an Atelier power user,  this video is exactly for you:

2. Atelier as Part of the Eclipse Ecosystem


This recording provides guidance for configuring Atelier using the Eclipse Marketplace drop-in plug-in and demonstrates the Eclipse Marketplace and highlight recommended plug-ins.

See additional resources to these videos:

You are very welcome to watch all the videos about Atelier in a dedicated Atelier playlist on InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel.

Enjoy and stay tuned!wink

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