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"Treasure Chest" is the solution to navigate your multimedia collection.

Good day, developers!

The "apptools-admin" project is not only a set of tools for the administrator, but a platform for the rapid creation of a prototype of any solution.
For example, Photo Album, Music Player, and Personal Library all come together in a user-friendly treasure chest design.

Load http:// your-host:your-port/apptoolsrest/a/infochest

Change the path to your treasure files and start viewing, listening or reading from any convenient device: desktop, tablet or smartphone.

The example will be located at ${CSPdir}/apptools/files

After saving and updating the panel, you can select a music track.

The built-in HTML5 player is used to play music.

The Lightbox Component is used to view pictures and videos: UiKit.

All "chest" code is located in the class apptools.lte.infochest and can be easily modified to suit your needs.
Vote for this project apptools-admin.

Happy coding!

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