· Aug 26, 2021

Technology Bonuses for InterSystems Analytics Contest 2021

Hi Developers!

Here're the technology bonuses for the InterSystems Analytics contest that will give you extra points in the voting.

Adaptive Analytics (AtScale) Cubes usage - 4 points
InterSystems Adaptive Analytics provides the option to create and use AtScale cubes for analytics solutions.

You can use the AtScale server we set up for the contest (URL and credentials can be collected in the Discord Channel) to use cubes or create a new one and connect to your IRIS server via JDBC.

The visualization layer for your Analytics solution with AtScale can be crafted with Tableau, PowerBI, Excel, or Logi.

Documentation, AtScale documentation


Tableau, PowerBI, Logi usage - 3 points

Collect 3 points for the visualization you made with Tableau, PowerBI, or Logi - 3 points per each.

Visualization can be made vs direct IRIS BI server or via the connection with AtScale.

Logi is available on behalf of the InterSystems Reports solution - you can download the composer on InterSystems WRC. A temporary license can be collected in the discord channel.



InterSystems IRIS BI - 3 points

InterSystems IRIS Business Intelligence is a feature of IRIS which gives you the option to create BI cubes and pivots against persistent data in IRIS and deliver then this information to users using interactive dashboards.

Learn more

The basic iris-analytics-template contains examples of IRIS BI cube, pivot, and a dashboard.

Here is the set of examples on IRIS BI solutions:

InterSystems IRIS NLP (iKnow) - 3 points

InterSystems NLP a.k.a. iKnow is an InterSystems IRIS feature and is a library for Natural Language Processing that identifies entities (phrases) and their semantic context in natural language text in English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech and Japanese.

Learn more about iKnow on Open Exchange


Covid iKnow Text Navigator

Samples Aviation

and more.

Use iKnow to manage unstructured data in your analytics solution and get 1 bonus point.

Docker container usage - 2 points

The application gets a 'Docker container' bonus if it uses InterSystems IRIS  running in a docker container. Here is the simplest template to start from.

ZPM Package deployment - 2 points

You can collect the bonus if you build and publish the ZPM(ObjectScript Package Manager) package for your Full-Stack application so it could be deployed with:

zpm "install your-multi-model-solution"

command on IRIS with ZPM client installed. 

ZPM client. Documentation.

Unit Testing - 2 points

Applications that have Unit Testing for the InterSystems IRIS code will collect the bonus.

Learn more about ObjectScript Unit Testing in Documentation and on Developer Community.

Online Demo of your project - 3 points
Collect 3 more bonus points if you provision your project to the cloud as an online demo. You can use this template or any other deployment option. Example. Here is the video on how to use it.

Code quality analysis with zero bugs - 2 points

Include the code quality Github action for code static control and make it show 0 bugs for ObjectScript. 

Article on Developer Community - 2 points

Post an article on Developer Community that describes the features of your project. Collect 2 points for each article. Translations to different languages work too.

Video on YouTube - 3 points

Make the Youtube video that demonstrates your product in action and collect 3 bonus points per each. Example.

The list of bonuses is subject to change. Stay tuned!

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