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· Mar 7, 2023

Take part in the FHIR R5 Quality Review!

Hello Community,

As you may know, the next release FHIR R5 is currently published in "beta". Right now, it is undergoing a quality review. And we'd like to invite YOU to participate in this process! 

Your task, if you wish to accept it 😉, is to check text descriptions, copy editing, and grammar. To facilitate this quality review, ClinFHIR is being used, which is a web tool used for developer education on FHIR and to help developers to visualize FHIR data and to plan out the building of FHIR applications. For instructions on how to do the quality review of FHIR R5 read this short document. The application you will use to do the quality review is here.

This is how ClinFHIR  looks in action for this FHIR R5 Quality Review:

Don't be discouraged if you don't have technical knowledge, because this quality review is about the readability (and copy editing) of the specification. 

👉 Participate here 👈

Important deadline: Friday, March 10 at midnight (in every time zone)

We look forward to your input! Thanks in advance.

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