· Feb 28, 2019

Open Exchange February Release: Videos, Screenshots and Stats

Hi Community!

Good news! We have a new release of InterSystems Open Exchange.

This release comes with some better options to expose your solutions and tools.

What's new?

       ✓  Embedded videos;
       ✓  Screenshots;
       ✓  Download stats.

See the details below.

YouTube Videos

With this release, you can introduce a video, which describes how your tool, adapter or solution works. Just put an URL in the app description and it will be shown on the main screen. Like here, or on this one or for this application.


Also, you can add screenshots which to highlight the key features of your app. Just click on Add Screenshot and upload it from your laptop. Users then can see it like in this application 

Download stats

We have a Download button which is intended to lead for your application downloads page. Of course, you can place some special link there like "bitly" or other shorteners which help to analyze clicks, but we also introduced a basic service which gives you the number of clicks since February 2019.

Hope you enjoyed the new additions! yes

See what else we did in February on Open Exchange and introduce your requests and bug reports.

Looking forward to see your videos, screenshots, and of course new solutions on InterSystems IRIS!  And wish you a lot of Downloads!

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