Semion Makarov · Feb 19, 2021

Open Exchange February 2021 Release

Hi developers!

Want to share with you the new February release on Open Exchange:

  • The ability to leave reviews and give ratings for applications
  • Visits information on the Analytics page
  • Other minor UI enhancements


Now you can leave reviews for applications. Click on "Leave review" on the Reviews tab.

Rate application and fill other fields. Body field supports Markdown. You can publish your review anonymously. 

Click "Save" to save the draft of the review.

Then you can edit or delete the draft review. Once you are sure of the review's content click on the Check button to publish the review. The review will be sent for approval and once approved will appear on the application's Reviews tab.


Visitors information

With this release start providing the information on how many people visit the application's page and compare it with Downloads stats.

On the Analytics tab of the application you can see the Col Chart with Visitors and Downloads information:

You can adjust the legend and see only Downloads or Views.

Minor changes

  • Added public downloads count to the application page
  • Added rating  to the application info panel
  • And other bug fixes and enhancements 

Thank you for your attention!

We invite you to submit new issues for Open Exchange to make it better!

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