· Apr 13, 2021

Open Exchange April 2021 Release

Hi developers!

We are glad to share what we have new in April Open Exchange release:

  • Promo section for companies admins 
  • Pagination for applications catalogue
  • New application submission flow

Promo section

If you have listed company with services and application you can now see new tap in your personal profile page where you may order one free promotion service in 6 months.

You will also see this button on your company profile and every app which is published on behalf the company


We added pagination to the app catalogue so your surfing within the apps would be more structured

Apps and companies submission flow

While app submission you may choose to submit it from your personal account or on behalf of the company

If you don't have a company yet you can proceed to list it

And while submitting a company you may attach your previously published apps

Thank you for your attention!

We invite you to submit new issues for Open Exchange to make it better!

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