Brian Fives · Jun 21, 2018

New Video: Treating Patients with REST and iKnow

Hi Community!

New video "Treating Patients with REST and iKnow" is available now on  DC YouTube Channel:


Task: Leverage unstructured data through iKnow’s REST APIs and other productivity-enhancing capabilities.
Approach: Highlight a real-world deployment from Netsmart.
Presenters: Clint Moon, Brian Fives
Guest Speaker: Matthew Arneiter of Netsmart

Content related to this session, including slides, video and additional learning content can be found here.

What is more?

Soon this recording will turn into a  Video Challenge on InterSystems Global Masters Advocacy Hub, where you can also complete many more other entertaining and informative challenges. Join us!

Feel free to ask any questions about the video in the comments of this post.

Enjoy!  yes

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