Anastasia Dyubaylo · Aug 25, 2020

New Video: Scaling Up and Out on InterSystems IRIS

Hi Community,

Please welcome the new video from Global Summit 2019 on InterSystems Developers YouTube:

⏯ Scaling Up and Out on InterSystems IRIS


In this video, we will discuss the basics of scaling applications based on InterSystems IRIS. We will pay special attention to employing sharding for horizontal scalability, including recent advances to our sharding technology that introduced support for object access to your sharded data.

Takeaway: InterSystems continues to expand the types of applications that can scale horizontally.

Presenter: Louise Parberry, Senior Sales Engineer, InterSystems

Additional materials to this video you can find in this InterSystems Online Learning Course.

If you would like to explore a wider range of topics related to this presentation, please use the Resource Guide below:

➡️ Performance and Scalability Resource Guide - 2019

Enjoy watching this video! 👍🏼

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