Anastasia Dyubaylo · Oct 30, 2019

New Global Summit 2019 Video: Adopting InterSystems IRIS

Hi Community,

The new video from Global summit 2019 is already on InterSystems Developers YouTube:

Adopting InterSystems IRIS


In this video, we will introduce the InterSystems IRIS Adoption Guide, and describe the process of moving from Caché and/or Ensemble to InterSystems IRIS. We will also briefly touch on the conversion process for existing installations of Caché/Ensemble-based applications.

Takeaway: InterSystems helps customers as they adopt InterSystems IRIS.
Presenter: @Andreas Dieckow, Principal Product Manager, InterSystems


What's new on InterSystems Developers YouTube?

We have created a new dedicated Global Summit 2019 playlist & Global Summit Keynotes playlist.  They will be updated over time.

Enjoy and stay tuned! 

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