· Sep 19, 2022

Missing Package Mappings for Created Namespaces I4H Preview 4

Was at an HL7 Connectathon over the weekend and got in a scramble that headed us in the direction of trying out Preview 4 for I4H and found that the USER namespace, and subsequent namespaces created do not have any mappings included with them.

2022. - Our Previous working version

2022.3.0I4HFHIR (Build 4093U) - Preview 4

Anybody else seeing this?  

In most cases we provision with apis like:


Do ##class(HS.FHIRServer.Installer).InstallNamespace()


Also noticed something that may be related on HealthConnect  Preview 4 where the Interactions strategy is not available, which may be related.

$ZV: 2022.3.0I4HFHIR (Build 4093U)
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