· Jan 14, 2022

Learn how to build your first FHIR app with IRIS for Health!

We have now released a new learning path to get you started with FHIR: Building Basic FHIR Integrations with InterSystems IRIS for Health. In this path, you'll learn the basics of FHIR, how to set up FHIR endpoints in InterSystems IRIS for Health, consume data into the FHIR repository and transform FHIR data, manage FHIR APIs with InterSystems API Manager, and query for FHIR resources using a client application. This path includes recommendations for starting such as using SDA-FHIR transformations to transform other formats of data to FHIR.

We're also looking at possibly creating additional content to guide you through how to FHIR-enable your existing applications, and leverage data stored outside the FHIR repository. Would content on this benefit you? What else would you like to learn how to do using FHIR and InterSystems products?

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