Kyle Baxter · Apr 12, 2017 1m read

It's upgrade season - is your SQL Body ready?! Keep your SQL Slim and Toned for Upgrade Season!

 It's almost time to get your customers upgraded to new versions - are you worried about showing off your SQL Performance after upgrades?  If you want to upgrade without worrying, then I have just the program for you!!!  Check out this video from Global Summit 2016 featuring yours truly explaining how to upgrade a system without worrying about pesky SQL queries showing on your waistline!

Unfortunately the video started after the Frozen Musical Sing-a-long, but it's 30 minutes of the most fun you'll have while learning tools and tips for Caché SQL!

Questions?  Comments?  You know you can leave them here!


TL;DW: If you're on a version older than 2016.2, then you'll need to do a lot of testing.  Once you hit 2016.2, upgrades are easy as "Hello World!"

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