· Nov 1, 2019

InterSystems Open Exchange October 2019 Digest

Hi Developers!

This is the digest of new solutions and applications submitted to InterSystems OpenExchange in October 2019!

New applications in October 2019

simplemirror by Mario Sanchez Macias

This is a very simple docker-compose with a simple class that creates a mirror. It will create 2 folders (mirrorA and mirrorB) with the Iris installation files and mirror database MIRRORDB. Also creates a namespace MIRRORNS.

objectscript-rest-docker-template by Evgeny Shvarov

Very simple template to start development REST API with for persistent data in IRIS using  Docker.

IRIS OAuth example by Dmitrii Kuznetsov

This is a template for InterSystems ObjectScript Github repository. The template goes also with a few files which let you immedietly compile your ObjecScript files in InterSystems IRIS Community Edition in a docker container

vscode-multi-connection by Dmitry Maslennikov

Example project, how to configure and use multiple connections in one namespace with VSCode-ObjectScript

iris-datatransform-unittest by Alberto Fuentes

IRIS Data Transform UnitTest Sample

SetEnv by Eduard Lebedyuk

Set Environment Variables

DocumentTemplate by Zenkov Artem

DocumentTemplate allows you to use ODT and DOCX files as templates for rendering reports or letters.

msgpack by Maks Atygaev

Implementation of MessagePack protocol where you need something more compact and speed then JSON.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis with IRIS by Amir Samary

Use IRIS Natural Language Processing and its interoperability capabilities to fetch realtime tweets and analyze their sentiment as well as their metadata.

Apache POI by Eduard Lebedyuk

ObjectScript part for apache-poi integration. Allows reading xlsx.

RabbitMQ adapter by Eduard Lebedyuk

InterSystems IRIS adapter for RabbitMQ

New Releases:

cache-iris-app-tools v.1.0.1 by Sergey Mikhailenko  

Internationalization and user access matrix tool.

Frontier v.5.1.1 by Rubens Silva  


  • Enable name passing (61beec4)
  • Fix usage of unavailable property (cf60036)
  • Add call for device opening (996f8d0)
  • Support for serial object marshaling (c95b357)


  • Project files (158b5a9)

General stats

Total apps: 180

Downloads monthly:


Top downloads in October:

VSCode-ObjectScript by Dmitry Maslennikov,  54

iris-history-monitor by Henrique Gonçalves Dias,  45

web HERALD by Martin Weber,  35

PythonGateway by Eduard Lebedyuk,  28

simplemirror by Mario Sanchez Macias,  20

Kano MDM by Liudmyla Valerko,  19

objectscript-rest-docker-template by Evgeny Shvarov,  17

cache-iris-app-tools by Sergey Mikhailenko,  12

ObjectScript-Foreach by David Crawford,  11

angular-material-iris-starter by Sergey Shutov,  11


Top downloads all time:

VSCode-ObjectScript by Dmitry Maslennikov,  236

PythonGateway by Eduard Lebedyuk,  201

WebTerminal by Nikita Savchenko,  115

Design Pattern in Caché Object Script by Tiago Ribeiro,  84

Caché Monitor by Andreas Schneider,  72

A more useFull Object Dump by Robert Cemper,  69

Light weight EXCEL download by Robert Cemper,  66

iris-history-monitor by Henrique Gonçalves Dias,  63

ObjectScript Class Explorer by Nikita Savchenko,  61

CachéQuality by Daniel,  61

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