· Aug 1, 2021

InterSystems Open Exchange July 2021 Digest

Hey Developers! Here is a digest of new solutions and applications submitted to the InterSystems Open Exchange in July 2021.
General stats:
5 new apps
480 published apps in total
477 downloads in July
1241 developers joined

New applications (5)
fhir-integratedml-example by José Roberto Pereira
An example on how to use InterSystems IRIS for Health FHIR database to perform ML models througth InterSystems IRIS IntegratedML
iris_satellite_plantation by Renato Banzai
Detection of plantations remotely in satellite images.
cryptocurrency-rate-forecasting by Oleh Dontsov
An example of how IRIS can be used to predict the rate of crypto
JSON2Persistent by Michael Braam
Little tool to create persistent or message classes for InterSystems IRIS and InterSystems IRIS For Health from JSON input. The created classes will extend %JSON.Adaptor
Google Cloud Platform PubSub Business Hosts by Marc Mundt
Interoperability components for GCP PubSub
New releases (24)
posts-and-tags-dataset by Semen Makarov

GitHub data load was added to package

iKnow by Benjamin De Boe

This release rolls up a large number of changes applied since the first full v1.0 release: * Extended support for semantic attributes * Many improvements to the language models, especially English, Japanese and Czech * Enhancements to the CI/CD procedures' speed and reliability * Enhancements to user and developer documentation
* Various bugfixes to previously reported issues

⚠️ the output format for sentence attributes with property values has changed slightly - see below for details

Semantic Attributes

The v1.1 release significantly expands iKnow's ability to identify semantic attributes in natural language text, and in particular enhances support for measurements, time and certainty. iKnow now recognizes more markers in the various supported languages and has more accurate expansion rules to identify the affected span within each sentence. Check the wiki for more details on which attributes are supported in which language.

New since v1.0 is the introduction of a Certainty attribute, which has an attribute property expressing the level of certainty. A level of 9 means an expression of absolute certainty and a level of 1 means very low confidence. While you can specify (or override) an initial level of certainty with the attribute marker definition (e.g. in the User Dictionary), rules processing may modify the value, e.g. in the context of a Negation Attribute.

This release also introduces three new Generic attributes, which can be used by developers to tag use case specific attributes not covered by the built-in attribute types. Developers can add their own marker terms for these to leverage attribute expansion to flag syntactically "affected" portions of a sentence. A basic set of expansion rules are included for these generic attributes. For example, we've helped customers in the healthcare industry add marker terms such as "mother", "brother", etc. so that mentions of "family history" can be identified in the text: "Patient mentioned mother suffered a stroke 10y ago, but denied experiencing chest pain himself"

CI/CD Pipeline

The Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipeline for this repository is implemented through GitHub Actions, and now includes standard unit tests as well as reference tests against a gold standard to ensure the highest quality output.

Compatibility Notes

We made a change to the Sentence attribute structure emitted by the iknowpy module. In v1.0, the fixed number of properties (value, unit, value2, unit2) has been converted to a list of pairs, enabling a more flexible way of passing sentence attribute properties:

    struct Sent_Attribute:
           Attribute type "type_"
           size_t offset_start "offset_start_", offset_stop "offset_stop_"
           string marker "marker_"
           string value "value_", unit "unit_", value2 "value2_", unit2 "unit2_"
           Entity_Ref entity_ref
           Path entity_vector

was changed to :

   ctypedef vector[pair[string, string]] Sent_Attribute_Parameters
   struct Sent_Attribute:
           Attribute type "type_"
           size_t offset_start "offset_start_", offset_stop "offset_stop_"
           string marker "marker_"
           Sent_Attribute_Parameters parameters "parameters_"
           Entity_Ref entity_ref
           Path entity_vector

Existing code should change as follows :

sent_attribute['value'] = sent_attribute['parameters'][0][0]
sent_attribute['unit'] = sent_attribute['parameters'][0][1]
sent_attribute['value2'] = sent_attribute['parameters'][1][0]
sent_attribute['unit2'] = sent_attribute['parameters'][1][1]

PMML Business Operation by Benjamin De Boe

Added ZPM support & improved documenation & repo structure

WebSocketIRIS.js by Robert Cemper

Docker support added. fast install, fast remove

IRIS Docker micro Durability by Robert Cemper

It's dockerized and matches common repository standards

IRIS-NativeAPI Node.js compact by Robert Cemper

A normalized + dockerized  V2 is now available

DeepSeeWeb by Anton Gnibeda
  • added GeoJSON support for map widget:
    • type of widget should be "map"
    • name of the widget should be the same as GeoJSON file with extension, eg. "map.geojson"
    • use "coordsProperty" data property to set name of key field to link data with properties in GeoJSON (It's a must to have field in data named as "coordsProperty" value, so it can be linked with properties of GeoJSON)
    • to show custom tooltips on polygons - add "TooltipValue" field to data
  • fixed issue with title on map popup
  • fixed issue with filter values (#182)
  • added error display if there isn't pivot variable exists
  • added series for pie chart (#181)
  • changed styles for text meters (#142)
  • text widget changes meters direction depending on aspect ration. for tall widgets meters are to be displayed as rows, for wide widgets - as columns
  • added "View As" options: "Stacked bar chart", "Stacked column chart" (#179)
  • fixed formatting for charts (#185)
  • added percentage display for pie chart (#187)
  • added annotations display for pie chart (#186)
  • fixed issue with MultiPolygon in GeoJSON support (polygons with holes)
  • increased performance of charts with big data sets

ISC DEV by Gevorg Arutiunian

Improved IRIS BI export - ##class(dev.code).export("*.DFI")

zpm-explorer by Henrique Gonçalves Dias

Adjustments for zpm explorer web app

IRIS apiPub by Claudio Devecchi

improvements and bug fixes

csvgen by Evgeny Shvarov

ssl-client dependency fix - now works with the latest ssl-client

iris-dataset-countries by Evgeny Shvarov

Added index on code2. Fixed some data issues


Index rebuilding added in module deployment

appmsw-telestat by Sergey Mikhailenko

Don't ask for parameters if not in terminal mode

zapm by Sergey Mikhailenko

Added support zpm+hspm version


Updated escape sequence color scheme

ESKLP by Aleksandr Kalinin

Added new metric: BarcodeSimilarity

MDX2JSON by Eduard Lebedyuk

ProcessOneAxisCell: populate axis cell info after determining cell visibility

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