Evgeny Shvarov · Jul 25, 2019

InterSystems Open Exchange July 2019 Release

Hi Developers!

We are ready to present you a new release of InterSystems Open Exchange. What's new?

  • Applications rating;
  • Open Exchange profile  <-> InterSystems Developers profile linkage.

See the details below.

Apps rating

Yes, starting with this release you can show your attitude to different applications. If you like the app - open it and click on a star on a top-right corner of the application page:

The feature is available for registered members. If you don't yet - sign in with your InterSystems Developers community account.

You can sort the apps by rating: click on a sorting selector 2 times until "Sorted by stars" appears - you'll see the apps sorted with the most of stars on top.

And you can filter the apps which you starred - the way to see only your favorite apps.

InterSystems Developers Profile Linkage

We've introduced a new field in a member's profile - DC Link. Put the link to your member's page and it will appear on your Open Exchange profile page - like here.

Also, we fixed a lot of bugs and introduced a set of small features - check the Open Exchange kanban page.

Introduce your feature requests, submit your apps and stay tuned!

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