Evgeny Shvarov · Jan 18, 2019

InterSystems Open Exchange January 2019 Update

Hi Community!

Here is the digest of what has happened on Open Exchange in November and December 2018!

Application Releases

We had 5 releases in November and December:

Cache ODBC for Node.js

This library aims to provide simple access to ODBC data sources for node.js.


Laravel package providing InterSystems Cache as a data source using ODBC


Tool for analyzing your DeepSee Environment

DSW Reports

Addon for DeepSee Web which provides online reports and PDF emailing reports using InterSystems DeepSee dashboards


Utility to easily transform a CSV file into a personalized preview of DeepSee

General Statistics

There are 103 applications available today on Open Exchange. 

Open Exchange Development

This January release comes with following features:

Server Side Rendering 

 this will result in better presence of applications in search engines. Also links to apps now look more readable.

Named links to apps 

We introduced named links vs ID. The app url is formed now as package/name -e.g. this one. This is more readable and better for search engines.

Avatar and description for member's page

You can change load any image as your avatar. Also, you are able to write a description about yourself in markdown. E.g. check my profile page.

Images for apps

With this release, you are able to upload the image icon for your application. Recommend size is 200x95px

Also, we fixed some tasks you introduced in a public issue tracker.

Please, check the February 2019 kanban and submit your feature requests!

And submit your apps on InterSystems Data Platforms to Open Exchange!

Stay tuned!

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