· Mar 1, 2022

InterSystems Open Exchange Applications February 2022 Digest

Hey Developers! Here is a digest of new solutions and applications submitted to the InterSystems Open Exchange in February 2022.

General Stats:
16 new apps in February
634 downloads in February
591 applications all time
16,865 downloads all time
1,530 developers joined

New Applications (16)
isc-one-liners by Evgeny Shvarov
useful one line commands for objectscript
django-iris by Dmitry Maslennikov
InterSystems IRIS backend for Django
iris-python-apps by Muhammad Waseem
Python IRIS Dashboard, Data Sciences, Plotting and Visualization
appmsw-sql2xlsx by Sergey Mikhailenko
Module for exporting IRIS queries to an excel file using the python openxl library.
Text To Speech engine for InterSystems IRIS - Convert Text to Audio and Audio to Text
DIMSE Iris Dicom Fhir Service by Ron Sweeney
From PACS to your FHIR Repository.
iris-python-dashboards by Evgeniy Potapov
Data Visualization App Using Embedded Python
GlobalToJSON-ePython-pure by Robert Cemper
JSON Object from Global and with loader using embedded Python only
Django-Interop by Fernando Viana Maia
Python Django Interoperability template.
blockchain - [ IRIS python ] by davi massaru teixeira muta
Example of creating a financial blockchain Using Embedded Python on IRIS Data Platform
bdb-sql-utils by Benjamin De Boe
Various utilities from the SQL cookbook
Utils by Eduard Lebedyuk
Various code snippets for InterSystems IRIS
django-iris-todo by Dmitry Maslennikov
A simple todo app built with Django and the ability to use IRIS
django-iris-realworld by Dmitry Maslennikov
Realworld application on Django and IRIS as database
New Releases (6)
zapm by Sergey Mikhailenko

upd dockerfile added zpipe from Robert Cemper into %ZLANGC00


added demo in GCR

SAML-COS by David González Buisán

Fix bug when generating SAML token for publishing services


Fix issues in docker-compose.yaml and Dockerfile

openflights_dataset by Andreas Schneider

Is now based on IRIS 2022. (preview 1)

CubeEventMonitor by Samuel Duncan
  • prevent an error when running alerts like the one added in v 0.1.8
  • correct a bug that led to the Recent Cube Event Errors dashboard not displaying data

Top 10 Applications in February

Top 10 Applications All Time

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