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· Nov 12, 2018

InterSystems IRIS 2018.2 available in preview

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™ version 2018.2 is now available as a preview release.  This is the first release in our new quarterly continuous-delivery (CD) release stream.  (Check out the announcement about InterSystems’ new release cadence for InterSystems IRIS)

InterSystems IRIS 2018.2 includes important updates and fixes, as well as new features that improve performance, interoperability, and cloud deployment. For example, you'll find in this release:

  • InterSystems Cloud Manager support for availability zones, async mirroring, and service discovery
  • Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) support
  • Integrated Windows Authentication support for HTTP
  • SQL performance optimizations, including Auto-parallel queries and Tune Table
  • Java support for Hibernate 5.2 or 5.3, Bulk loader utility with Java, and shared memory support for Java Gateway

Preview releases like this one give our customers an early start working with new features and functionality. They are supported for evaluation, development, and test purposes, but not for production.

You can download the release on a new preview portal at the WRC download center, and the documentation is here.

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