· Jul 10, 2022 1m read

The inspiration for interoperability-manager

As I was thinking what I could develop for InterSystems Full Stack Contest, I saw this post:

I developed ProductionManager.csp. It displays items in the active production. It also displays the Class in use and the date and time of last message. I believe these data points can help you make decisions which items to remove from the production.

I read that contest asked for apps which insert, update, or delete data in InterSystems IRIS. I figured out how to make a REST call after you click on any item in the “Remove Item” column. Of course, it asks if you want to proceed. If you check the Production Configuration page, you should see the item was removed. If you have the Production Configuration screen open while an item is removed, you will get a red “Update” button that fixes everything.

You can find the app on Open Exchange and it is participating in InterSystems Full Stack Contest.
Thanks, Markus Suonpää, for giving me an inspiration to create this app.

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