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· Jun 21, 2022

IAM 2.8.1 Release

IAM 2.8.1 Release

InterSystems API Manager (IAM) version 2.8.1 is now Generally Available.  In addition to a spade of performance improvements and bug fixes, this release adds significant new functionality, including:

  • Core
    • Consumer Groups - Lets you group together consumers to create service tiers
    • Event Hooks - Enables IAM to call a web hook when certain events occur. For example, send a PagerDuty message if an endpoint fails.
    • Improvements to Hybrid Mode - Relaxed version checking; control plane can continue to work if the database is down.
  • New Plug-ins
    • JQ - Apply transformations to JSON messages.
    • OPA - Open Policy Agent is an industry standard to describe access and security policies in a standard manner
    • Mocking - The mocking plug-in speeds up API-first development practices
  • Admin Console
    • Filtering & Sorting
    • TLS 1.3 for Development Portal

IAM is an API gateway between your InterSystems IRIS servers and applications, providing tools to effectively monitor, control, and govern HTTP-based traffic at scale. IAM is available as a free add-on to your InterSystems IRIS license.

IAM 2.8.1 can be downloaded from the Components area of the WRC Software Distribution site

Follow the Installation Guide for guidance on how to download, install, and get started with IAM.  The complete IAM 2.8.1 documentation gives you more information about IAM and using it with InterSystems IRIS. Our partner Kong provides further documentation on using IAM in the Kong Gateway (Enterprise) 2.8.x documentation

IAM is only available in OCI (Open Container Initiative) a.k.a. Docker container format. Container images are available for OCI compliant run-time engines for Linux x86-64 and Linux ARM64, as detailed in the Supported Platforms document.


The build number for this release is IAM 

This release is based on Kong Gateway (Enterprise) version 2.8.1.

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