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How to Find Applications Installable With Package Manager

Hi Community!

@Joan Pérez published a review that it is not very clear what applications are available for InterSystems Package Manager. Thanks Joan! Indeed it deserves a post.

There at least two ways I know to showcase them:

1. Run find command in zpm:


|| Welcome to the Package Manager Shell (ZPM).                             ||
|| Enter q/quit to exit the shell. Enter ?/help to view available commands ||
analytics-okr                         1.0.0
analyzethis                           1.2.4
aoc-2021-uvg                          0.0.2
aoc2021-rcc                           0.0.2
appmsw-dbdeploy                       1.0.3
appmsw-docbook                        1.0.5
appmsw-forbid-old-passwd              1.0.4


Or find -d to list them with descriptions:

zpm:IRISAPP>find -d
analytics-okr                         1.0.0
analyzethis                           1.2.4 Description: Module that helps to 
                                            generate cubes, pivots and 
                                            dashboards vs IRIS data 
aoc-2021-uvg                          0.0.2 Description: Advent of code 2021 in 
                                            COS classes 
aoc2021-rcc                           0.0.2 Description: AoC-2021 full Embedded 
                                            Python demo 
appmsw-dbdeploy                       1.0.3 Description: An example of deploying 
                                            solutions with prepared databases, 
                                            even without source code. 
appmsw-docbook                        1.0.5 Description: Importing docbook


2. The second way is to filter OEX on ZPM:

Share your ways to list public packages?

This was related to public repos, of course there are a lot of private repositories and we don't know what is there. How do you expose packages?

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