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How to delete the query cache programmatically

InterSystems FAQ rubric

Query cache can be purged programmatically using the Purge* methods of the %SYSTEM.SQL class.

*For details of each method, please refer to the following documents.



① When deleting all query caches in the system

Do $SYSTEM.SQL.PurgeAllNamespaces()

② When deleting the query cache in the namespace

// delete all cached queries in namespace
Do $SYSTEM.SQL.Purge()

// when deleting the query cache specified by date
// the following deletes the cache not used in the last 30 days

Do $SYSTEM.SQL.Purge(30) 

③ When specifying and deleting the query cache

Do $SYSTEM.SQL.PurgeCQClass("%sqlcq.USER.cls13")

④ When deleting the query cache for a specific table

Do $SYSTEM.SQL.PurgeForTable("MedLab.Patient")

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