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· Apr 12, 2019

HealthShare 2019.1 released

We are pleased to announce the availability of HealthShare 2019.1.

With this release, HealthShare delivers:

  • Clinical Solutions, including substantial enhancements to the mobile-enabled Clinical Viewer, Clinigraphics enhancements, and the first of a new line of out-of-the-box answers to important operational and clinical questions, starting with the Health Insight's Emergency Department Frequent User Dashboard
  • Enhanced Workflow with new site navigation for clinical and business users, Single Sign-On operation with EHRs, and enhanced patient data collection forms
  • A Superior Foundation that provides new tools to monitor, manage, and report on data quality, data flow, user engagement, and more
  • Tools that Empower Innovation, including flexible interchange between extended SDA and FHIR, and Identity Provider services to support third party applications working in conjunction with Personal Community
  • International Support for Patient Index and Personal Community

We are also delighted to announce the general availability of HealthShare Provider Directory in the US market, a master data management solution developed to be your single source of truth for provider demographic and professional relationship information.

Finally, in recognition of the foundational nature of the comprehensive, longitudinal care record, we have adopted a new name for the product you currently know as HealthShare Information Exchange; it is now HealthShare Unified Care Record. You will see this name throughout the release notes and in all future product references.

For complete details by product, please log into the InterSystems Online Learning Portal for the HealthShare 2019.1 Product Documentation and Release Notes:

To get a copy of HealthShare 2019.1, go to the WRC Software Distribution page

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