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Embedded Python for iris-log-viewer conclusion

As my entry into InterSystems Developer Tools Contest happening now I have been working on an alternative to the Console Log Viewer web page provided as part of InterSystems IRIS Management Portal. Console log is a file called messages.log. It is what InterSystems support asks me to send to them when I open a support ticket. Working on IRIS containers deployed in the cloud it is not straight forward to copy the messages.log file to a place where I can attach it to an email. Iris-log-viewer app provides a Download link to download messages.log from any browser. 


I observed it takes a couple of seconds to read the messages.log file and import it line by line into a persistent table as I display it in my iris-log-viewer app. I have thought how I can use Embedded Python inside my app to earn additional bonus points in the contest. I want to find out if I can read the messages.log file faster in Python than it happens using IRIS objectscript code.


I worked yesterday to include Python code in my app where I also call an IRIS objectscript classMethod from Python classMethod. I struggled when I encountered an error while testing my Embedded Python code with a 5 MB messages.log test file. Thanks to Eduard I was able to overcome the error and he even provided suggestions to simplify my code.


IRISAPP>set m5mb="/home/irisowner/irisdev/messages.old_20221231.log"


IRISAPP>do ##class(otw.log.irislogreader).Test1(m5mb)

Test1 begins at 02/05/2023 12:49:30




Test1 ends at 02/05/2023 12:49:34

Test1 execution time: 3.500789



IRISAPP>d ##class(otw.log.irislogreader).Test2(m5mb)

Test2 begins at 02/05/2023 19:44:34



Execution time:  3.0272839069366455

Test2 ends at 02/05/2023 19:44:37

Test2 execution time: 3.424064


I measured it took 3.5 seconds to read a 5 MB messages.log and import 63239 lines into a persistent table using IRIS objectscript code. When I ran test using Embedded Python, it took 3.424 seconds. It appears reading the file using Embedded Python is slightly faster than IRIS objectscript code.

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