· Oct 18, 2021

Earn money by helping InterSystems Certification write exam questions!

The InterSystems Certification Team is building an InterSystems IRIS Integration Specialist certification exam and is looking for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from our community to help write questions. You, as a valued InterSystems community member, know the challenges of working with our technology and what it takes to be successful at your job. In exchange for your assistance you will be compensated up to $500 per work assignment. A work assignment will typically involve writing 20 assigned questions in a two-week time frame, and having your submitted questions reviewed within two weeks of submission. The time expectation for completing a work assignment is approximately 20 hours. 

Proposed Project Work Dates: The two-week work assignments will be issued in stages during Q1 and Q2 of 2022 and will be assigned by the Certification Team.

Note:  Writing questions for InterSystems Certification is paid, temporary contract work based in the United States. As such, to participate you must be eligible to accept paid work projects in the United States. You will be required to sign the InterSystems Vendor Agreement and complete a U.S. tax declaration form (W-9).

Here are the details:

Action Item


Complete project profile

Write to to express your interest in the Certification Subject Matter Expert Program. Tell us that you are interested in being an InterSystems IRIS Integration SME (an individual with at least two years of experience with InterSystems IRIS Integration tasks).

A team member will send you a profile form to determine if your areas of expertise align with open projects. 

If you are selected for an exam development opportunity, a team member will email you several forms requiring your signature:

  • a Statement of Work,
  • the InterSystems Vendor Agreement,
  • Form W-9, and a
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement.

After receiving your signed documents, and before beginning to write questions, you will be asked to watch a short training video on question-item writing and to complete a Job Task Analysis (JTA) survey. Completion of this survey takes approximately 30-45 minutes and is required. Your responses will help us validate exam topics and create your item-writing assignment.


After receiving your JTA survey the Certification Team will send you information regarding your first assignment. This will include:

  • credentials to access and sign in to QuestionMark, our SME item-writing development system, and
  • a work assignment, which usually consists of the submission of 20 scenario-based questions. You will typically be given two weeks to complete the assignment.

InterSystems staff will review your content. InterSystems may accept, reject, or request revision to any question at its sole discretion. 

You may be asked to resubmit a question if the reviewer sees problems with the question item and has a clear solution for how to resolve it. This may include:

  • conceptual problems, such as a technical detail in the question stem is assumed or missing, or
  • a particular use case that invalidates the question, or
  • if they believe there is a different question rationale that most experts would assume is the best way to assess the target item.

A question may be rejected if the reviewer disagrees fundamentally with the question rationale as valid, or if they believe the investigation to fix the question requires unrealistic work.

Receive payment

At the end of the item-writing project you will receive a statement from InterSystems showing questions accepted by internal reviewers. You will receive payment for the accepted items within 30 days of the end of the item-writing project. If for any reason, only a portion of the work package has been accepted, you will receive a pro-rated amount of the value of the work package. 


Interested in participating? Email now!

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