· Apr 15, 2019

Developer Community Release, March 2019

Hi Community!

Here is the changelog of new features and bugfixes of DC engine in March 2019.

New features:

  • Open Exchange promo block
  • Open Exchange button in Article
  • Github and LinkedIn profiles for a member

Plus we solved a few annoying bugs and possibly introduced some new)

See the details below.

Open Exchange promo features

We keep working on making your apps on Open Exchange more visible. This month we've introduced two new features:

1. Weekly app promo block

Every week you see the new Open Exchange application on the right corner of every page which leads to a apps page on Open Exchange. It's selected voluntary or you may spend some points in Global Masters to present your one.

2. Open Exchange button on the article

If your article is a story about the application on Open Exchange you can put an URL to it in the article's settings. This will add an Open Exchange button in the article decoration in the feed and for a standalone view. Like here:

3. Github and LinkedIn profiles

Github and LinkedIn perhaps are two very popular social networks for developers and we got your requests to introduce it. So you now able to update your profile and add the links to your Github or/and LinkedIn profiles. This is the way to have a private messaging communication cause we don't have this functionality on DC. Yet.

Check my Github and LinkedIn profiles on my Members' page and you are welcome to connect.


We solved the bug which prevented from getting notifications for the comments on comments.

There was also a bug in the search which is now solved.

Here you can check the full list what was solved in March 2019 and check the progress and add new issues in April 2019 kanban.

Stay tuned!

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